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The Social Network (2010)

Best Film of the year

The Social Network
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, Rooney Mara, Max Minghella, Rashida Jones, Josh Pence, Brenda Song
Director: David Fincher

Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard dropout, founder of social networking phenomenon ‘Facebook’ which is may be the buzzword of the current decade as last one was Google. With 500 million online users and still counting connecting, making friends where each one is their own celebrity. Company’s net worth is staggering 25 billion dollars while Mark’s worth is 7 billion (that’s wrath of God money!) and he is still in his twenties , the youngest billionaire on earth.

That’s hell of a profile, so is its origin story which is visionary director David Fincher’s new film The Social Network incisive, super-articulate, exhilarating, fascinating, tense drama focusing on conception of facebook and two law suits that followed unfolding at bullet speed.

Like all discovering are made by accidents. This one is progeny of a vengeance. Film opens with Mark’s played by Jessie Eisenberg (phenomenal) on a date going awful where Mark rants about elite clubs and keeps implying insults Erica (Rooney Mara) about her being Boston University grad. It ends up with her breaking up with him calling him a***ole (“Dating you is like dating a Stairmaster”). Mark rejected, hurt runs to the his dorm in the heat of the moment and cold of the night, gets drunk and plants first seeds of the facebook by inventing a website called ‘FaceMash’ for revenge where he hacks into Harvard network downloading photographs of undergrad girls placing them side by side so can be rate them who is Hot and who is Not. This results in twenty two thousand hits within two hours on site crashing campus network.

Apart from infamy especially from girls this event captures attention of twins roving senior champs (Armie Hammer playing both) who wanted to create a dating site called ‘Harvard Connection’. They approach Mark with intention of employing him. He agreed but kept stalling while he created his own site with better idea where everyone will end up connecting everyone. There is a scene when you get how a potential ideas start to take shape and form where Mark drags Eduardo out of party and tells why it was a rage last night with 22 thou hits. They were not there for pics of hot chicks. Internet is flooded with it. They want to check out stuff about the people they know, want to know, who is dating whom so why not put entire social experience online. Within weeks this computer genius programmer has already registered the domain name “thefacebook.com”. Twins eventually sued him for intellectual property theft. This is where its ethics, values, rivalry in the contemporary world comes under scanner.

Second law suit which is complex Shakespearean like where as Aaron Sorkin puts it Mark kind of played Judas. He betrayed his best and only friend Edwardo Saverin (Garfield) who co-founded and funded facebook initially and was CFO of the company only to cut loose eventually and man replaced him was Sean Parker the new CFO. This is kind of third player from fb side introduced late in the film played by Justin Timberlake, notorious inventor of Napster with all his smooth silky talk tries to lure Mark into the world of cocktails, swank hotels, exotic pubs, easy sex, Casanova lifestyle and of course money. He makes his first suggestion drop “the”, just “facebook”, it’s more cleaner. His and Marks vision of possible billion dollar industry meets (“We lived in farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re gonna live on the internet! “) where he brings in Capital ventures opposed to Eduardo’s pale ad-revenue pitch. This is seductive world of glamour and money and power where Mark is marching, heading up where friendships are ruined and businesses are flourished.

Kicked in fast manic lane from scene one with actors firing lines, despite its frantic pace film is never confusing, swiftly cutting between these two deposition rooms and flashbacks so clearly you can’t help but watch it in the awe the mastery of Fincher and his editor getting all versions of the stories and never reducing it to facts bringing this multi-layered tale with meticulousness and visceral sense of his craft. With dynamite loaded screenplay by Sorkin who will be handed this years best adapted screenplay for sure. It’s terrific. Jessie Eisenberg top of all dialogue are flickering matches, stabbing knives and supreme arrogance but also hidden glimmer of remorse or feelings. It’s breathtaking to watch him deliver years best performance making Mark close to Kane, a man so inadequate at social skills almost mute in gatherings but articulate when stung, spitting fire and venom (“Ma’am, I know you’ve done your homework and so you know that money isn’t a big part of my life, but at the moment I could buy Mt. Auburn Street, take the Phoenix Club and turn it into my ping pong room.”) and focused on creating only thing that will change the world that connect people all over the planet by ironically an outcast. This story about technology, money, power, greed, sex, betrayal closes with Mark sitting in a room alone hitting refresh button where we discover his Rosebud.

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