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Rockstar (2011)

Rock on!


Cast:Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakri

Director: Imtiaz Ali

“Sahi aur galat ke paar, ek maidaan hai, mai wahan milunga tuze”. Imtiaz Ali wants to mess with our heads. He wants to tell a love story one Khalil Gibran might have loved and smiled through screening. A married girl falling in love. She is ailing in a picture perfect marriage. Guy has blindly signed his music-contract papers just to see her in Prague, her country presently. She smiles palely when he surprises her. They were friends you know, shared her wild side before she walked the aisle and took those vows. With him she is suddenly alive. Their whole chance encounter back in home city was even a strange deliberation cause guy thought she will break his heart and so that he will be a great artist. Coz all great ones share one thing in common, pain. They clock some crazy time in Prague, on streets, bars downing whiskey shots, strip-clubs male-female both, just for kicks, and after those reckless rebellious wild moments, it comes to that wrong one. He leans and kisses her. She snaps, “Ye galat hai”. He wonders out loudly, “galat lag kyun nahi raha fir?”. She slaps him, curses and swears. And kisses him back. It’s already late and current of the nature wins.

Rockstar for me is master storytelling. Journey of an artist. Naive to adult. From college canteen to giddy starry rock concerts. This is told through jumbled editing where Jordon’s looks act out as period cards. But top of all this is a love story. A forbidden one eventually. A real thing. Film is orchestrated with some of the great music of all time by Rehman filmed with equal virtuosity. This one is classics are made of. And Ranbir who is face emotions of this whole magic, just watch him singing in rock concert, in recording studios, in darga or in streets. I am in awe with this performance. Pure awe! His transformation form an innocent naive dreamer to arrogant star who still doesn’t know or doesn’t want to do anything with fame but beating heart for his forbidden love. One intense experience in the dark is Rockstar.