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New York (2009)

Battered John Abraham in Kabir Khan's New York

Battered John Abraham in Kabir Khan's New York

Post 9/11 A Terrorist of their own making

New York
Cast: John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Irrfan Khan
Director: Kabir Khan

“Terrorism can never be justified”, says FBI officer Roshan played by ever dependable Irrfan Khan to Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh) an undercover agent who is planted in his friend Sam’s (John) house. In the wake of 9/11 thirteen hundred suspects were arrested and detained to prison camps by federals where they were tortured and kept under inhuman conditions. Whatever happened over there was dark spot in their history but that doesn’t justify turning into terrorists bombing buildings and killing anyone for that matter. Officer further tells him, yes, those were desperate times. It wasn’t easy for anyone and in desperate times governments make mistakes, people take wrong decisions.

In-charge of highly sensitive terror suspect case in spite of him being a Muslim he says this can only happen in America. He is fighting for protecting that freedom.

New York Kabir Khan’s second feature film (after fairly good topical entertainment Kabul Express) has this powerful argument and its potent moment in the film.

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