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The American (2010)


George Clooeny watching his back in The American


Roman Holiday

The American

Cast: George Clooeny, Voilante Placido

Director: Anton Corbijn


George Clooney is awfully quite in the new muted thriller by Anton Corbijn The American. It takes awhile to sink as we are used to see him as a guy with smile, mischief and lot of lines and game. Here he hardly speaks unless he has to. We learn he is hitman on run after stunning opener of the film in Sweden’s snowy mountains where Jack (Clooney) and his girlfriend Ingrid (Irina Björklund) locked in lovers cabin. While having a stroll, serene scenery is suddenly disrupted by gunfire when Jack spots a hitman with a sniper. Silence can be effective background score for creating tension which throws viewers in different kind of thriller. The killings that follows including his girlfriend (now a witness) will set him off to hide in Roman picturesque countryside to lay low as Edward. Most of the time now he is paranoid, watching his back, minding own business, building custom firearms for a gorgeous blonde assassin played by Thekla Reuten. He breaks rules of hideout and makes friends with an intruding priest and a local prostitute Clara (gorgeous Voilante Placido) with whom he will soon fall in love. She tells him on one of their dates, “You are a good man but you have a secret”. I was with the movie all the way through and satisfied its astonishing tranquility with which picture unfolds with occasional burst of violence like that nervy one where two assassins chase each other in dark. Though I was rooting for something more in this familiar story with an existential hero doing his one last job, knowing where it’s leading and still came out pleased with L’Americano’.


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