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Love Sex aur Dhoka(2010)

Camera dekh raha hai!

Love Sex aur Dhoka
Cast: Neha Chauhan, Raj Kumar Yadav
Director: Dibakar Bannerji

Dark and disturbing. Dibakar Bannerjee’s cams hand-held, close circuit and string operation spy in his latest experimental and phenomenal outing titled Love Sex aur Dhoka are not passively shooting images. They are probing for human behavior, capturing human actions sweet, selfish, sinister, savage. They form the conceit of the three loosely interconnected stories (Ameros Perros style) which contains all the elements of its title love, sex and deceit (dhoka).

It begins with fairly simple at surface a naive teenage romance between poor guy rich girl who at a film institute. Boy is from scheduled caste (special case) . Girl’s father is filthy rich marble tycoon and a filthy man. Guy documents his love story, idolizing ‘Adi sir’ (Aditya Chopra) and calls his girl ‘Simaran’. Influence of pop culture is high in our or any society. Honor killing vaguely lurks around the corner.

Second one of three I thought is the most remarkable involves a MMS scandal. A security camera is installed in a shop. Apart from spotting shoplifting and other offenses it opens doors to quick cash to some by selling the footage of occasional shootout in the shop or couple making out sometimes more than that. An attendant in this supermarket (best performance in this natural acting talent lot) ends up as victim. Color of her skin (not fair) makes her behenji type but also easy to trap. Guy really falls for her in process of vicious manipulation eventually succumbs to frailty and chauvinism.

Third one though a familiar case of casting couch the sting operations and exposes but underneath  deals with relationship between the victim, her exploiter and her helper (a reporter) which ends on a tender note.

We live in voyeuristic world. These tales often shocking are inspired from this very world. Film portrays its festering ramifications evident around us. Director behind has previous credits Khosala ka Ghosala and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye under his sleeves. He is a consummate player. LSD is a great follow up. More ambitious yet moderately scaled. I always see people nag from all corners that we make same crap over and over again. Now for films like these audience should make an effort from their side. This is solid instance of what sharp mainstream cinema should be. Don’t be scared by “experimental” tag. Contraption is brilliantly executed. This is unflinching, stark, uncompromising, unsparing look at the contemporary society.

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