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Charade (1963)

Follow the money


Cast: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn

Director: Stanley Donan


A bunch of guys, some shady-some smooth, after a bag full of money where no one can trust no one. We are familiar with this motif. We have seen them, chewed on them and some had left bad taste in our mouth. But here is the prime tasty one of the genre, Charade, Stanley Donan’s mystery-comedy which does almost everything right and we are there to savor every bit of it. Audrey (divine) plays the Reggie Lampert who is enjoying her holidays in Megève where she is greeted with Peter (Cary all time Grant) so that’s what he says he is. She is about to divorce her husband who is also a stranger to her. But there is no need as the husband character is thrown out of speeding train who apparently in possession of quarter to million. Obviously money is missing and there are foursome who will follow her until they find the mullah. One of them will be Cary Grant who is Peter or Alex or Adam or you tell me. He enters right in from first scene and he and Audrey flirt, banter in the tradition of great screen romances on backdrop of Paris. Grant remains a puzzle throughout whose identity keeps changing after the players in the game start dying. Who is killing them? Who Grant character really is? Where is the money? Plot is too convoluted to go here though all loose ends will be tied up in the end and along way you are always in delightful company of these two where mystery is thick, wit is classic and romance is quite irresistible.

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