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Talaash (2012)



Cast: Amir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukharji
Director: Reema Kagti

A fast speeding car swirls midway on a deserted road at night and crashes into ocean on Sea link road Mumbai. Corpse belongs to a Bollywood star which triggers the staple investigation with protagonist sleuth digging in the secrets, lies, more dead bodies, signature noir.  Difference between those Raymond Chandler Dashiell Hammet Marlows and Spades is the protagonist sleuth here is fairly regular guy with no cynical edge or funny exit lines or sharp jabs. Even though played by country’s biggest stars- Amir Khan, his cop Surajit Shekhawat is as ordinary as it gets. We see him working on this case while fighting his inner demons. He has lost his only child in an accident.  It damaged the father-mother (Rani) and-couple almost forever tormented with the untimely death. Guy is haunted with nightmares and ifs and what-ifs who can hardly sleep. He has a mystery to solve in his insomniac nighttime. Plots like these starts with Beverly Hills settings and often end up in the seedy bars and ugly underbellies where motives lies. This one too finds its way into a whore house and its pimp as prime link to the central murder. An insider on hand will definitely get handy in such matters involves mostly the green money and usually sex. Shekhawat too bumps into a prostitute Rosie (Kareena) who not only helps him advancing the case but becomes his strange confidante. Both spend some quiet soul baring confessions time on sea rocks with waves crashing on side and moon sighing in the black sky.  In any mystery, always journey matters as much the destination. All these threads add up eventually to crack the puzzle with a single secret. It will certainly divide the audience where some might smirk and get thrashy about such a gripping piece where only downside is there are no dialog to light up this film but still mood and plot keeps it going into the finale where it hits you like a straight shot of a nasty drink, a clever sleight of hand magic trick. Entertainment is on the house people.