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Quantum of Solace (2008)

My name is Bourne, James Bourne?

Quantum of Solace
Cast: Daniel Craig, Olga, Judi Dench
Director:Marc Foster

Bond is mourning, traumatized by love-betrayal of Vesper Lynd. He is not sleeping much, drinking hard, haunted by Vesper. He is more and more bitter, grim and murderous. There was a ring of ambiguity to her act but enough to torment for rest of his life. He needs to know. Now this should lay ground for a wired revenge picture given Bonds new writers team and creators form in fantastic Casino Royale. Blowing all that in pieces sequel Quantum of Solace is a nosedive. This is an ‘action film’ constantly reminds you of Bourne flicks (a touchstone for future action films someone rightfully said) not at all reaching any near of them. Biggest blame is director Marc Foster who seemed and now proved unlikely choice (Finding Neverland and Stranger than Fiction). If there is anything that engages is Daniel Craig who is still solid in this otherwise botched piece. Craig gives body and soul to his performance. Looking like hell and cruising like a mad storm, Craig is a raging bull here but sad thing is movie engages him only in fights but never pauses or shift gears in between fights to show haunting of lost love, the driving force of his vengeance, his mission. All slickness, wit and class of Casino Royale is gone instead movie throws us in galore of pointless action.

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