About On The Rocks!!

Drinking With bogey

Well hello there… This is me- Manoj. On the rocks is outlet for my desultory thoughts just for the kicks! It’s the movies I liked, loved, disappointed, had an impact on me or felt strongly about it. I am not full time critic but here I am trying to express my 2 cents on movies. Friends call me a movie buff and junkie for the printed word…. so may be here i am trying to manufacture my drug of choice.. nevermind it’s apparant that i need to rethink my life a bit. Hope you enjoy on the rocks- cheers!!


3 responses to “About On The Rocks!!

  1. aboxfullofcookies

    movie buff? junckie for the printed word?
    man, i like you!
    got some more recommendations for me?


  2. hello aboxfullofcookies (i liked that id) ,
    there are so many recos… what kind of stuff u like? r u in movies, books or both? recently i saw Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Fincher’s Curious Case of Benjamin Button.. loved it 🙂

  3. aboxfullofcookies

    movies, books, music, art, bit of everything 🙂
    Vicky Cristina Barcelona is really good. i liked the surprising end. although it was not happy. mabye just because of that fact.

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