Looking back at 2013

Looking back at 2013 I couldn’t spend much time in dark I would have loved to. But nevertheless I loved few that stood out and of course added to collection of favorites. I watched American Hustle in Taiwan, Taipei 🙂 That was an experience. Watched trailer of Her in a same theatre which became my second favorite movie of the year. There are so many I want to watch. Don’t know when but I really want to catch Alexander Payne’s Nebraska and Coen brother’s Inside Llewellyn Devis. Here is my list of five favorite movies of 2013.

1. Before Midnight – This is my favorite trilogy. God, did I say that loud? It’s not Godfather but Before trilogy. Why some of the things we adore the way we adore? I don’t know, maybe we connect with some more deeply than other. Before Midnight is almost a sublime dream which starts off with Jesse and Celine on a Greek holiday with artists and we spend time with them and their fascinating talk and later couple move to a hotel room which ends up with a savage fight which is mother of all marriage fights. Those 30 minutes are the most revealing minutes of relationship, conjured up almost fatally flawless. But in the end, it’s about hope and love. And that doesn’t come from that wonderful Nina Simone song but their decision not to give up on each other. It’s about out imperfections because love is fundamentally imperfect.

2. Her – Only Spike Jonz can conceptualize and create that feverish dream of a movie, so unabashedly romantic where a lonely writer falls in love with an Operating System voiced by luscious Scarlett Johanson. This is one of best films of our time.

3. American Hustle – It’s almost everything I love. Pair of smart people playing when the stakes are really high. It’s about outsmarting. It’s a con. It’s a love story. It’s about good hearts and swimming in dangerous waters. It’s outrageous. It’s constantly moving. And it has dirty seedy jazz score. “So who is real master? Painter or the forger?”

4. Enough Said – Smart writing is hard. Funny writing is harder. Enough said is both. A romantic comedy of grown ups featuring late James Gandolfini in a memorable role as Albert in fine company of Julia Louis-Dreyfus (best female role of the year may be). I had a great time. Do check out.

Eva: Did they just turn the music louder?

Albert: No, I think you just got older.

5. Gravity – A technology marvel. A survival story. A story full of ideas filmed by virtuoso Alfonso Curan. “What do you love about the space most?”. “Silence”. 

6. Nebraska – Payne’s follow up after the great ‘Descendants’ in silvery black and white with unforgettable Bruce Dern.

7. Bastards – The great french visual artist Clair Dennis’s Bastards is lurid stuff. Go for it if you have stomach for this noir with evil with a dazzling smile.


2 responses to “Looking back at 2013

  1. No mention of “The Wolf of Wall Street”?

  2. I saw it very late Ashi. Yes, I need to edit it. It’s definitely there. Crazy flick! “I will not die sober!!!”

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