Ishaqzaade (2012)

Well begun half done


Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra

Director: Habib Faisal

Our films always had limited imagination for female characters. But lately things began to change. We now see bosomy ladies more than flesh of course. More than love interest. A personality. I was delighted to see Krishna jee of Ishqiya playing sexual politics or in smaller role a feisty Sweetie of Kaminey holding her own in male dominated show or a pot-smoking bride Tanu of Tanu Weds Manu takes the audience in hall by storm with her bindast spirited attitude and refreshingly shackle free of so called morals. Here Habib Faisal’s starts out to make one like that. A crackling heroine played by immensely talented Parineeti Chopra. In opening scenes we see she hawks her gold earrings for a gun. She drives gypsy on streets of Almore, her city. Shikaar is her favorite hobby she tells her would be fiancé. She has the nawabi blood as director describes this new generation lass. In the poster moment of the movie when Parma (Arjun Kapoor, hero of the flick) points a gun at her, she in a snap takes hold of the gun, firmly holds it on her forehead not blinking, eyes furious demanding an apology from the hooligan. Whistles and taalis folks.

Setting is of northern hinterlands. That are becoming flavor of pop culture mainstream mostly for its exquisite colloquialisms and crude cuss. Here the fictional city is called Almore. Two prominent political parties are Hindu-Muslim clans head-butting in full blow. Chauhans vs Quireshi. Protagonists are like star kids in these opposite arch-rival families. A classic setup for Romeo-Julietteque love story you people?

Boy also shows promise as well. When we meet him we hardly see any hero qualities in this creature who can almost be passed for a goon. He could be easily spotted in such mohallas driving jeeps, gulping beer bottles, always surrounded by four or more like him, laughing hysterically, scratching with gun muzzle, flashing his grin. Still may be in search of something roughish we are interested in him. And he scores. Mostly in a high drama scene when he abducts a nautch girl from rival’s lion’s den where Jhallah Wallah is in progression.

These two unlikely lovers can sure make a high voltage affair.

The authenticity of mannerism, city, food, leads and supporting pieces and on somewhat dialog Faisal does really well, not to forget its fitting title. We are instantly in the midst of this feudal soil hooked in cracker of moments which sets up its hothead leads. It really begins to take shape of wild at heart rowdy romance. But what follows is disappointment in later half. Sadly director’s creation this girl of vast appeal gets swallowed in the pointless gunfire and chase that’s what movie turns into, just that. Bullet count in the film needed to be kept under check. It always overwhelms the drama or maybe it’s coverfire for the absence of it. Both is the case here. I don’t know if I am angry or unhappy on seeing the film going wrong which had the sure shot potential.

I can still say, though disheartening to see it only half well done though, Zoya is character that Vishal Bharadwaj will be proud of.

* Bad **Average *** Good ****Very Good ***** Outstanding


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