Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

In this life!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Cast: Hritik, Farhaan, Abhay, Katrina, Kalki
Director: Zoya Akhtar

Trio with their deep sea diving instructor (Katrina) having dinner. Arjun (Hritik) has just overcome his water phobia that day. When asked he is sure, “Ab koi dar nahi. Jeene ka bhi nahi”. Imraan (Farhaan) jokes, “Oh, ek hi doobaki me zindagi ke saare raaz khul gaye”(one dip and all mysteries are unlocked). Arjun asks Imraan to come closer, breathes in and exhales and whispers, “It’s quite simple you know…. bas saans lete raho”(You need to just keep breathing). Above everything else Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, speaks language friends speak. The close ones I mean. The ones make life fun. Know your secrets and fears. Movie gets it. Slam dunk. The right tone developed over years of chemistry and history. “Three Musketeers” reunited for a bachelor trip in here definitely have all that. Zoya Akhtar’s smart, first-rate writing and its humor carries this breezy flick fluidly giving us these characters with their idiosyncrasies and baggage discovering few things, resolving few unresolved issues, facing their fears and giving us many many moments to cherish along their journey. And the pleasure of ZNMD is just hanging out with these amigos on their adventures in their sojourns, their soirees.

Groom to be is Kabir (Abhay) enagaged to Natasha (Kalki). With a geeky glasses and somewhat sensible head over his shoulder you sense, he keeps the bunch harmonious, at least tries to. Arjun (Hritik, in his best performance), typical “corporate slave” (after money all the time), “whore” (always thinks of career), no-ones’ type (three holidays in a year). He is angry intense one. His plan is to earn till 40 and then retire. Laila (Katrina) asks, “How does you know you’ll live till 40?”. True. Seize the moment my friend, she tells him opening a world full of other wondrous stuff. Third is goofy Imaraan, clown of the group played phenomenally by Farhaan Akhtar. His Clark-Kent job is ad copywriter who also is a closet-poet and a bohemian. Together they three form a delectable diverse group.

Their bachelor trip is the pact they decided in their youth where two has to participate in adventure sport chosen by each. Everyday ennui will sure get shot of adrenaline no doubt stunningly breathtakingly shot scenes in Spain. Beautiful lush perfect backdrop. These in company of each other let it go and come out exhilarated or peaceful at the other end. Each venture is bookend by Imraan’s profound poetry. “Aankhon me hairaaniyan lekar chalo to zinda ho tum”. Fabulous.

There might be flaws in this movie. I am not at all interested in knowing them or will not go looking for them. I’ll leave it those who want to miss what this wonderful wonderful film has to offer. Cheers!

PS: I couldn’t resist and posting one of Imraan’s poem featured in the movie… I suggest you watch it on screen first, if not check my favorite one

Pighale neelam sa behta hua ye sama
neeli neeli si khamoshi
Na kahin hai zameen, na kahin asmaan
sarsaraati tehniyan …pattiyan
keh rahi hai ki bas tum ho yahan
sirf mai hu..meri saanse hai aur meri dhadkane
aisi gehraayinya…aisi tanhaanyia…aur mai…sirf mai
apane hone pe muze yakeen aa gaya

* Bad **Average *** Good ****Very Good ***** Outstanding


7 responses to “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

  1. Nicely written Manoj. I loved this movie and yes the poetry used in the movie is beautiful and amazing. Thanks to Javed Akhtar.

    “Aankhon me hairaaniyan lekar chalo to zinda ho tum” waah

  2. The car, among many good things in this movie, is worth a mention too 🙂

  3. very well written bro. u picked up the perfect spots of the movie. ‘not a week writer at all 😉 ” best movie i have seen in decade……

  4. DCH part II ? Gotta see this one … and Delhi Belly too.

  5. yes Ashish hard-core male bonding film….”Bromance”

  6. Nicely written Manoj … I saw the movie yesterday … fantabulous !! 😉

  7. Nicely written dear.. we saw it on eve of Friendship day!
    The bull fight shot in d end of movie is really stunning.. 😉
    also i liked few dialog in d movie:
    – Insaan ko dibbe me tab band hona chahiye jab woh mar jaaye
    – Sach kya hai..har kisi ka apna ek version….
    – Sorry tabhi hi bolna chahiye jab yahan (dil) se nikle..

    n lot of funny, adventurous moments in the movie 🙂

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