Best of 2010

It was average year compared to last one but they were many good ones and few potential of becoming cult classics. I haven’t seen Peepli [Live], Road to Sangam and Antardwand which are on my wish-list. Leaving them out here is my top movies of 2010. Wishing for a better 2011.

#1 Love, Sex aur Dhoka

Dibakar Banerjee’s LSD is my favorite movie of the year with three dark stories directed with mastery of an auteur. Filled with nuances, dialog coming ever close to real human life and bravura performances by its first timer cast director turns this in what Mayank Shekhar calls dogma film-making. One terrific movie.

#2  Ishqiya – An erotic tale where a woman plays two on-the-run men simultaneously memorable for its rummy delicious dialog and superb performances from Vidya Balan and Arshad Warsi (My favorite male perfromance of the year).

#3  Udaan – This teenage rebellion story pulls you in with its absorbing narrative by debutant Vikram Motawane (writer of Dev.D) from Anurag Kashyap camp and UTV productions. It seems like a personal film and it captures the angst of that age of an aspiring writer-poet against an abusive father.

#4  Break Ke Baad – A rom-com with fast screwball dialog and pace that reminded me speed of His Girl Friday and other golden fifties romantic comedies. A simple coming-of-age, finding yourself story with regular rom-com clichés only paced slightly faster with contemporary settings. A gender reversal trick like 500 Days of Summer where girl is more ambitious and guy is more feminine emotionally. Movie is one breezy affair which you know its working for you when lame line like “Chahe kuch bhi ho jaye mai hume tutane nahi dunga” doesnt ring false.  One of things that also stays with you is Deepika calling Imran by his surname ‘Gulaathi” and other insane nicks names like “Gillato” and more which itself is kind of sign of long-standing relationships. Deepika’s spunky, sparkling performance lights this up.

#5  Do Dooni Char – In the tradition of Hrishikesh Mukharjee, Sai Paranjpe this simply won me over with its simplicity. A comedy, a story of lost good old times set in contemporary Delhi with come back from Rishi-Neetu Jodi like they say.

#6  Rajneeti – Its riveting first half is one of the furiously written and directed first halfs I’ve seen in recent years. Though it slips in the last act with bullets and body count this Mahabharata and Godfather blend is one cracker of the movie.

#7 Natarang – A welcome almost overwhelming return of Marathi mainstream cinema with music that took its state by storm.

#8 Fas Gaye Re Obama  & Tere Bin Laden- Moderate, small budget and scaled but proved to be most surprising and descent comedies of the year. Here humor is not over top for once and sometimes breaks all rules. Don’t miss Sudhir Mishra in Obama and Ali in Laden.


One response to “Best of 2010

  1. Hi ,

    Why not harish chandra chi factory ?

    I had to recollect whihc movie was “Break ke baad”… This list can also be called least seen movies of the year 2010

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