Mirch (2010)



Pepper salt vignettes



Cast: Raima Sen, Konkana, Arunoday Roy, Shahana Goswami, Sushant Sen

Director: Vinay Shukla


In one of the self-conscious, self-referential moments in the film a producer in a story-sitting says to the aspiring writer-director, “Sex is as saleable as a star”. He also adds the caveat it should not be vulgar. It certainly rings true. Here they are selling sex themed stories, four of them, in each a woman (Raima, Konkana) is cheating on her husband, getting caught in the act and still come out clean.

Struggling to catch a break frustrated writer-director (Arunoday Roy) dating a successful editor (Shahana good as usual) who arranges the meeting with a successful producer (Sushant). Though he appreciates his script he says it’s too dark and doesn’t see the commercial potential. Writer comes up with a story from Panchatantra where no subject was taboo about the cheating wife with twist in the end. Producer is amused but still doesn’t see it as a feature length film. He comes with idea having four of them and we have Mirch.

Husband in each story comes with a flaw. Rajpal is ugly, Prem Chopra is old, Shreyas is insecure while Boman is philanderer. Woman in each one is higher on libido preferring burly built Arunoday Roy. It can cause some outrageous reaction from few as women portrayed here can be viewed as wily, promiscuous creatures in a cosmic culture where sexually strayed women are considered more sinful. How is it different where a woman who enjoys the act and earns money is a whore while man who spends on her isn’t, one of the character argues.

Writer finally cracks the cipher with Kabir’s doha, where bazaar and market rules been in existence since forever but the trick is when rules are of market but the game is still yours. Touché. He also says he doesn’t care about showing men being fooled and women more smart as it’s the wit of these stories he is inspired of. We aren’t complaining. All four are light, naughty enough tease.

* Bad **Average *** Good ****Very Good ***** Outstanding


One response to “Mirch (2010)

  1. “sexually strayed ” ? Call them “liberal” pal 🙂

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