Badmash Company (2010)

Con ideas can change your life

Badmash Company
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma
Director: Parmeet Sethi

Film opens with voiceover by its hero Karan (Shahid) detailing its period. 1994, India, Bombay. He jokes that time it was Bombay and not Mumbai where he explains word FM meant Finance minister and not FM radio, cell phones existed only in science fiction, Mumbai-Delhi calls used to cost 90 Rs and not 90 paise over STD. This is the setting where we see India wasn’t this free market and custom-duty was a bitch. I remember Anurag Kashyap blogging that story always needs its milieu. This one has got it.

Boy is from typical working class with father whose life he doesn’t want live of 25 years sitting behind same desk. Fresh graduate topper believes gains of his efforts should be entirely his own and not of his boss or firm. Soon he devices a scam and gathers his crew to help the con. He is smart for sure. An idea to get away with custom duty. They buy foreign stuff cheap at Bangkok. There is a twist in the shipment which you better catch on screen. Then make phony scene refuse to claim the shipment leaving it in custom warehouses only to buy it back at customs auctions without custom duty now, so at scrap prices. Profits are huge.

Con is successful and crew is happy. Love-interest perky, bold, wannabe model Bulbul Singh (Anushka) with slang (f off) who while kissing hungrily inside car warns Karan, panting, this is not serious to which guy replies that should be my line yaar. Their romance connects well. Other two are rather two dimensional ones can be summarized – one is womanizer (Veer Das) other one is drunk (Chyang). Foursome makes good company till first half of the film. Really good.

But all is not always ends well. It’s kind of perennial screw up, filmmakers continue to botch the second half of a promising film. Turning a fun-con into boring predictable morality lesson. Shifting story to US where new cons, more success, then success getting to head, egos, fights, alcohol, aiyaashi, inevitable break up. Protagonist learning lessons hard way. Papa don’t preach or do it well.

When they stop having good time, how can we? Audience slowly realized film is sagging. “How much more is left?”, someone asked sitting behind me. She was right though. But still for its better half it’s not all bad company.

* Bad **Average *** Good ****Very Good ***** Outstanding


5 responses to “Badmash Company (2010)

  1. Well caught ! Its difficult to keep up with your increasing vocab. You should have a thesaurus attached to your blogs now !

  2. isss mein to deepika aur scarlett dono bhi nahi hai..phir bhi tumne kaise dekh li????
    hmmmmm…Anushka is it this time…..
    aab tak mujhe lagta hai the character of Chandler fits u best,but now i think it shld be…..Joey 😉

  3. Wah Rupa .. ‘Chandler fits u best’ .. a padhake Manoj bahot khush hoga.

    And yes wo Anushka ko dekhake bhi khush hua .. uski aankhe ekdam badi ho gayi thi :))

  4. I wud still want to watch the first half :p

  5. Sirf 1st half hi dekhane layak hai 😐

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