No time for love (of writing)

I am not compulsive blogger but I love writing. But from last two weeks couldnt make time to add some junk on net. This time around I was hopeful and weekend could have been more fertile for writing but blew that. Day time flied as I read Kari and Saturday night FNC planned for dinner @ Pirangut. This time on bikes as Basya announced he is not going to take WagonR out unless given complete freedom on speed. Which means he’s gonna run amok on the roads with us rolling like dices in his death proof car – no way!! Reminded of last few close encounters of third kind Manish and Jawalu got their helmets out and kick. Our last visit to Pirangut was nothing short of amazing. Prasad was in town and it was 7th July- Manya’s Bday and Ashish was in India. After turned down by many overbooked resorts we entered deserted Paradise where no one answered our prayers except a wild dog chained in a cage. Screw that!! We decided to camp out in small den where few tables and chairs were waiting for us to party. We stayed up all night with our crazy talks and jokes. Flashback over!! With bikes it took over an hour to reach Paradise. Spent some fun time there. So many laughs that I am drafting which is delayed (can’t recollect all fun moments right). Hit the roads back to Pune around 1. Watched Russia-Holland match till 1-1 was score. Match went in extra time zone and me zonk.


Sunday came with a promise of penning few lines but screwed that too.


In a nut shell – Ruined my weekend as far as some blogging was concerned. Wont be discouraged and will be back with a bang !


2 responses to “No time for love (of writing)

  1. Nice heading .. No time for love 🙂
    1 thing is missing in your blogs .. pics. I know u r more interested in writing than taking pictures, but we will love to see pirangut where ur group had so much fun.

  2. Lol!! I remember the dog (or given its size was it a horse!!!) 😀

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