“It started with a chair”

“It started with my office chair”. A few pages back, some voiceover for my prejudices and at time feelings- I was so getting all the wrong ideas about blogging.  One of the major reasons my blog junkie friend Ashya. He has just started doping blogs instead of reading it and this was enough to retaliate. But recently after hearing Aamir Khan’s shameful blog entry I was kind of browsing for his blog and suddenly it occurred to me like an epiphany that many great artists has started blogging and this will be a great portal into Khans and Kauffmans.

Working in IT is curse of the Black Pearl. You have all the world- gigs and gigs bytes of ocean data floating around you but you dont get enough time to get your hands on. I was in trademark software position- leaned into desktop, headphones clamped over my ears, VS on and was listening to the audio version of ‘Juno’. “Juno?” “No it’s Morgan Freeman!!” After nipping a defect in the bucket I needed my 5 mints distraction on net. Suddenly got this strong urge to read about Juno trivia on imdb (practically my homepage along with Google). While reading trivia one thing strike oddly out and turn out a perfect hyperlink for my soon to be obsessions. It said when Juno rings the bell Jason Baitman can be seen reading Daibolo Cody’s(Juno’s screenwriter) real life blog named “The Pussy Ranch“. My full attention ladies and gentlemen. Immidiately googled and in moments was checking out her blog entries. This is going to be great fun. Feeling like John Cusack finding portal into the head of John Malkovich. The name Pussy Ranch was shining on my desktop and was trying to hide it in my small-town-morality cubical. After reading and jumped on various hyperlinks of her ranch, I was inspired to give my failed marriage with blogging another try. Was thinking hard about a perfect title. Copying same style name wont do any good for my new blog I already started to scribble in my head (Great artists don’t do homage. They steal). I can match her no.1 brand with my zippo engravings “Jack Daniels”. Later read about Cody’s quite intriguing journey and her dive into writing. And Diabolo Cody is actually her pen name. Real name is Brooke Busey. Diabolo is Spanish for devil and she took this name while a trip on Cody. She did full time stripping. After falling in love with her Internet boyfriend, Jonny. Later she quitted and married him. She got into the writing and tried her hands on the keyboard. She quoted “If this writing thing doesn’t work out I will be right away back on the pole”. Thank god it worked out and we got wonderful Juno, Cody got Oscar and I got second chance to plunge myself in blogs again. So hello world again!!


2 responses to ““It started with a chair”

  1. Welcome back my friend >:D< now that you have awarded me “blog junkie” trophy I need to reach underneath my bed to pull out my blog where I have hidden it and call upon my muse to take a walk with me along the shore of “gigs bytes of ocean”.
    n pussy ranch blog looks interesting. Gotta dig into the archives for more fun 😉
    btw which shameful entry u r talking abt? is it the SRK being his pet dogs name :))

  2. Yes that one. (http://aamirkhan.com/blog.htm )We all know Aamir is great artist but it was totally uncalled for yaar. May be I dint get his sense of humor!

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